Full Height

Wrapped in a timeless style statement, full height plantation shutters easily let in light from the outside world, or help keep it out based on your preference.

Cafe Style

Bringing a touch of French café culture to your home, these shutters only cover the bottom part of your window, letting in unfiltered light through the uncovered top section.

Tier on Tier

Although similar looking to full height shutters, tier-on-tier have two separate layers of panels that sit on top of each other and can be operated independently.


The sleek design of shutters helps emphasise the beauty of bay windows, whilst making the most of both light and space in every corner of your home.


Track Shutters are perfect for creating a stylish and practical finish on larger windows and openings where longer runs of panels are required.


Woodcraft Shutters are only ever made-to-measure, shaped windows present no challenge. Whether round, square, triangular or oval, you can rest assured there is a shutter to fit your space perfectly.


Conservatories are often thought of as ‘bringing the outdoors indoors’. So why not take year-round control of your garden view with a practical, stunning style statement?

French Doors

French door shutters are fixed to the door itself, rather than the frame, with a handy cut out providing easy access to the handle.

Woodcraft Venetian Blinds

Sitting alongside the Woodcraft Shutters range of premium, made-to-measure shutters, PURE Wood™ Venetian Blind